Sing That Song


That night they brought eight new people to the ward.
They were taken downstairs and put in separate cells.
The cells were filled until the tenth ward.
Nobody could ask about the other.
Everyone was waiting at the bars for their destiny.
That night after 9 pm Dark trouble took over.
Born in middle of Anatolia, he’d never been to school, he was a shepherd and now he was in control of three thound prisoners. Tall with blue eyes, ignorant and brutal this man went to the tenth ward to practice the techniques that he’d learned from his master Esat.
He tied a long rope to a prisoner’s penis.
Not being satisfied.
He repeated the same thing in other cells.
He returned to his desk with ten ropes.
He sat in his chair.
And shouted:
“Bastards, when I pull on your rope, introduce yourself.”
He pulled on one of the ropes in his hands.
“Tenth Cell, Huseyin Tas, ready for your command Sir!.”
He pulled another rope
“Ninth Cell, Ali Elam, ready for your command Sir!”
He pulled every rope and came to the end.
After thinking little bit he grinned;
“Pieces of shit, when I pull on your rope, sing a song!”
All of them all shouted together”Yes sir!”
He pulled again on one of the ropes in his hand.
Someone started to sing “There are five minarets in Bitlis”
He pulled second one;
“The Pasha came to Urfa! “Shouted someone.
They were the tape recorders and the rope was the remote control.
And he could listen to whatever song he wanted!


The team of Mevlut Cavus, Akin, Dark trouble, Hunchbacked and Mevlut took Adem from his cell in the middle of night.
They all wore their military uniforms this night.
They had their blue berets.
And sticks in their hands.
They took him to the 31st and the 32nd wards outside the hall.
There was an Ataturk portrait on the wall.
There were two chairs and a table in the hall.
Two soldiers with blue berets were stretching a prisoner.
Adem asked himself “How they can actually stretch a person.”
He has seen rope stretched, face lifts, stretched wire
But because Diyarbakir is a hell,
They stretch people here, he thought.
He wonders how?
Two soldiers, blue berets on their heads
They tie one end of a chain to a prisoner’s foot
The other end of the chain to steel of the stair.
They open the door
They tied the second foot to door knob.
They close the door.
His legs were stretched as door opened
He is screaming in pain.
No one hears him.
The ones who hear can say nothing.
They release him whenever they want
And they take another one for same torture!


They take Adem to the 32nd and the 33rd ward’s yard…
There were about 150 prisoners gathered.
They had been made to wear black military uniforms.
All their heads were bald.
Their bodies weak, faces fearful.
Their eyes full of deep fear, anxiety in their faces.
As if they were swimming in a helpless hopeless sea.
Soldiers were making plans; prisoners were waiting for their fate!
“You Asshole,”
The prisoner leaves the line and run towards him.
“Murat Doner, Urfa, I am ready for your commands sir”
“Get naked below your waist”
The prisoner takes off his clothes.
Hunchbacked gives him a rope.
He shouts” tie this rope to your penis and balls”
He immediately does what he’s told.
Hunchbacked holds the rest of the rope long as six meters.
He begins to run.
The prisoners follow him.
Hunchbacked runs
The prisoners follow.
Pain, struggle, shame all mix in the scream of a laugh.
Everybody waits for their turn to be tied by their penis.
Being tied is not enough, they are also being hit.


When Adem got out of his cell, he was wondering.
Akin: “Today, you will go somewhere different asshole.”
The same people are going to take him to a different place…
Adem is surrounded by them…
While they are walking through the ward they hear anthems coming to their ears.
Each ward sings a different anthem.
Screaming, cursing, commands get mixed up with the anthem.
It is like there was an earthquake, and screaming, shouting, and crying, are coming from under the ruble and through those voices
They come to a long ward.
They bring him out on a chair
Hunchbacked: “Look outside from the window dumbshit boy.”
He looks outside.
He sees bald women knocked down and beaten.
They are held up by the feet and bludgeoned.
The screams of the women get louder with every blow to their feet.
But nobody can hear their screaming.
The voice of the anthem from wards drowns out the cries of the women.
As the women’s voices get louder,
The voice of the Anthem from the wards becomes louder still.
Adem sees the eyes of the women filled with hatred.
He reads the rebellion in the screaming.
He murmers”this volcano will erupt soon”
They take him from the window; yank him down from the chair.
And take him to his cell in kicks.


His fate would be known when he has seen all the wards.
A little later he would be a witness of the 38th wards prisoners who become informants.
When they came to the 38th ward Dark trouble shouted “stop”
He stopped.
Two prisoners appeared.
Immediately they read their names…
One was Ibrahim Yildiz other was Mehmet Sen.
Dark trouble: “Take down your pants boy!”
Ibrahim Yildiz and Mehmet Sen dropped their pants.
Dark trouble “Take out your underwear too boy”
They took off their underwear and were half naked.
“Mehmet Sen you bend over boy!”
Mehmet bent over without objection and put his hand on his knees.
“Hey Asshole boy Ibrahim, Get on his ass”
Ibrahim went behind him and hugged him.
The soldiers were screaming “Bravo, Bravo!”
With the enjoyment of the scene
Some were monitoring the positions of the prisoners.
Mevlut commander:
“Asshole Boy, yours didn’t get up”
“You didn’t stick in his ass”
“Change your position Asshole.”
“Ibrahim, you bend over and Menmet will pass behind you.”
They change the position immediately.
Now the soldiers were cheering for Mehmet.
They monitor his position as well…
This time Dark trouble is monitoring
“Asshole boy, yours didn’t get up either.”
Mevlut Cavus hit Mehmet’s ass!
“Leave it man; I know how to get them up”
Two informants snap to attention…
“Ibrahim Boy, you lay down”
He lies down.
“You Boy, Mehmet, take his penis in your mouth.
“Turn around and get his penis in your mouth too and start sucking”
They start sucking!
Soldiers take Adem by the back of his and turn him away.

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1954 te Bingöl' de doğdu. Öğretmen okulundan mezun oldu. Siyasi nedenlerle on bir yıl hapis yattı. Gazeteci ve yazar. Yayınlanmış 10 Kitabı var. Siyasi mülteci olarak Almanya'da yaşıyor.

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