Sing That Song

– 6 –

The sun had set. The man was in the big dining room and had a long robe on. He had cut his hair short. His wife looked much younger. His two daughters and lovely son were getting ready for dinner. He was sitting across from his wife at an antique table. His daughters were serving the dinner and his son was telling about his day in school.
The oldest daughter Zozan was 25 years old. She was tall with auburn hair and round eyes. Her long hair fell on her shoulders. Her hair looked beautiful on her white dress. She has been working at a pharmacy for two years and she was always happy.
The younger daughter Berfin was chubbier than Zozan, but she was physically more active than Zozan. She wore sporty clothes all the time when she was home. Even though she was a medical student, she was more skilled than her older sister in cooking.
His son Azad was attending high school. He was more interested in politics than his school; therefore, he often argued with his father.
He was a member of a well known Kurdish family. His Ancestors participated in the Kurdish uprisings. But Adem stayed away from politics. Every one in this big city of Diyarbakir knew him. Because of his wealth he knew a large group of people.
His daughters were putting porcelin plates and crystal glasses on the table when the door bell rang.
His son goes to the door running, a little later he calls “Father”. Adem stands up, looks at his wifes face in bewilderment, and then goes to the door.
Five policemen-two in official and three in civilian clothes-were standing at the door. The man was a little surprised; yet stayed calm and asked who they were looking for?
The big tall policeman in civilian clothes with a cold voice: “Sir, please put on your clothes and come with us to the police station.”
The man already had on a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. He went into the hall. His daughters and wife, who were already standing, looked at him nervously. He put on his jacket and turned to his wife: ” I will go to the police station and be back very shortly.” Then he left his house very quickly. His daughters and wife hurried to the front door. His son as though frozen by the scene, looked at his father being taken away by the police.
The policemen put him between two policemen sitting in the back of a police vehicle. After the police car drove away from his house, they blind folded him and put a bag on his head.

– 7 –

He is taken to Kurtoglu, which is known as a torture center. They push him to the ground by hitting him on the buttocks. When he hits the ground, he feels like he fell onto cadavers. He feels around, he felt he was touching the people’s knees, shoulders, feet, the ground was pure concrete, people were quiet, and most likelly everybody’s eyes were blindfolded like his. Then he is beaten in the chest, and he hears “S.O.B. sit correctly.” While feeling around, he finds a place to sit like a Bhudda. After a while, he starts understanding the voices around him. Many people were sitting in the room with their eyes blindfolded. They were just breathing.
The silence was broken when a group of people entered the room swearing and kicking the prisoners. The cacophony stopped after they took someone away from among the prisoners. And then they are hear the voice of the man who’s been taken away, screaming. And the screaming was so intense that anyone whoever heard it was shivering.
The man heard these screams for 23 days and nights. Now it was his turn and they took him away. They had him sit on a chair and bound his hands behind him. He was being interrogated by someone with a loud voice that he could not see:
“Why did you help a separatist organization financially?”
The man: “I did not help anyone.”
“Of course you did. You cannot decieve the state.”
The man: “I did not help anyone.”
“Set up the workshop!”
They untiedd him from the chair and put a long pole on his shoulders. They extended his arms horizontally and tiged them to the pole.
They put both ends of the pole on two walls. The man was hanging like Jesus Christ from the pole. They took off his pants and underpants and attached some cables to him. He had already started screaming. While his sreams increased, someone kept asking him: “Are you going to talk, you SOB.”
The man did not remember when he was being taken off of the Cross. However, he remembered the words of an official upon having been pressured to sign a paper while he was blind folded.
“This ibne supports the seperatists and, therefore, he is not talking. Send him over there and help him walk. Let him witness the situation the seperatists are in! Then he will see for himself! He will understand the greatness of the State and will trust the State.”
After the words of the official, he was assigned to the Court of the Martial Law due to his alleged testemony whose contents he not read but was forced to sign.

– 8 –

The man woke up from day dreaming with SergeantMevlut’s “Attention!” call and realized that he was in the cell.
The man stood up and stood at attention.
The iron gate was opened with a iron key.
The man was taken into the hall.
The leader of the team Sergeant Mevlut with a soft voice: “My dear Sir, in which section would you like to stay?
The man already has developed reservations toward such soft voices. He doesn’t want to go into the sections with a bath(!) or TV(!).
He bowed his head to hide his scepticism.
He startled when Dark Trouble yelled at him: “Tell me you SOB” and the man said “I don’t know.”
Under kicks and blows Adem didn’t have a problem understanding Sargeant Mevlut was up to something.
Sergeant Mevlut: “Okay, you SOB! We have you see all the wards. You can rest in whatever cell you find comfortable.
Adem, who was not aware of the sceanario obeyed the command.
Sergeant Mevlut:
“At ease!”
He stood at ease.
The man stood at attention.
Sergeant Mevlut:
“To the third ward. March!”
The man, scared and shaking, marched like a new recruit toward the corridor.

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