Sing That Song

– 24 –

In the early morning, Commander Mevlut and Akin wake him up.
They take him to the room in a hurry.
Guard Mevlut asked:
“Did you have a pain last night, mother fucker!?”
Adem: “My tooth, my tooth!” he said apprehensively looking at the ground.
Commander Mevlut, curiously:
“Which one!”
Adem shows him the tooth on left side of his upper jaw.
He said “that one commander!”
Commander Mevlut disagrees: “No, that can’t be.”
Adem; “Yes sir, that’s the one that hurts.”
Commander Mevlut; “Get out of here! Not that one. Say the right one, on the lower jaw.”
“If you didn’t say it I’ll break you to pieces, do you hear me?”
Adem agrees hopelessly.
Commander Mevlut: “Now tell me my boy, which tooth hurts you? “
Adem: “Yes sir, the right tooth on my lower jaw hurts me.”
Commander Mevlut and Akin take man to medical department for his tooth.
They jail him in a small room next to the medical department.
They punched his jaw from both sides.
Akin explained “there is no anesthetic, bastard! So we anesthicize this way”
A moment later Adem goes before the doctor.
The Doctor looks more like a blacksmith than a doctor.
Adem says; “The tooth in my right lower jaw is decayed.” and he shows his good tooth with his finger. He goes back to his cell with the decayed tooth in his mouth and the good tooth in his hand.

– 25 –

For some believers, a demon walks the damned through every circle of hell. The Commanders walk him through all the corridors, yards and wards in same way. They continue on the journey.

He is not in a position to disagree.
He is like a machine which runs on remote control.
He will hopelessly do whatever he is commanded.
A moment later, he is sure that he will be taken to a corridor.
Karabel and Hunchbacked open the door.
They take him to the corridor. There was no one around.
He hears only his and the commanders footsteps.
There is screaming from the yards.
The Wards are groaning from the torture.
They took man to the 23rd ward.
The ward is empty.
They took the man to an upper prison cot, and opened the window facing the yard.
Hunchbacked said; “look through the window at the yard”
He looks at the yard from window and he sees six prisoners standing in a circle.
Their hands are resting on each others shoulders.
They are waiting for the commands.
All the other prisoners are milling about.
The First Command; “Second group, get on the shoulders of first group”
Six prisoners get on the first group’s shoulders.
They make a two story tower of people.
The Second Command;
“Third group climb!”
He saw people fallen and bludgeoned.
Eventually, he saw a three level tower made of people in the middle of the yard.
While his eyes are on the five to six meter tower of people, the last command comes:
After the command, the tower crumbles like a building collapsing in a 9.0 richter earthquake.
The casualty was big. Dark trouble holds the man by the nape of his neck and takes him away from the window.

– 26 –

Adem sits in his cell.
His hair and mustache are growing longer.
He rests his chin on his hands, and he is thinking deeply.
They have brought a new one to the next cell.
He doesn’t know who it is.
He’s lost his sense of the day and of time, and he’s even forgotten to ask.
Because he was afraid, he didn’t ask about the person next to him.
Today they brought more food for dinner.
But they did not give it to them.
They put plates in a place, where prisoners can’t reach.
Rats were enjoying the food that they saw but couldn’t reach.

– 27 –

They took him out of the cell at midnight.
They took him to the 24th ward’s guard room.
It is an eight meter square place.
There was a window facing the yard, the window was painted red.
There was another dark blue door was across the from the guards room.
There was a picture of Ataturk hanging at the entrance.
There was a ladder across from the window leading to the upper level.
There were three chairs and one table in the room.
Commander Mevlut was sitting at the center, Dark trouble on his right side, and Hunchbacked on his left side.
Akin hides Adem behind the front door.
After a while, there was the sound of a door opening and closing from upstairs.
Adem understood they were bringing a prisoner.
Adem was watching everything from a small hole on the center of door.
They brought him in here to see the midnight torturing of the 24th ward.
The prisoner was thin, weak, and medium height.
His hands are shaking; his eyes are full of fear.
The prisoner stands up at the front of the table in his pajamas.
And the trial begins.
Commander Mevlut holds the indictment and reads them.
“Being a member of an illegal organization,
Dividing the country of Turkey,
Being a member of organizations attempting to establish a different nation in this land,
Because he pled guilty to article 125 of the Turkish, his punishment is the death penalty!” he finished his speech.
Hunchbacked talked to Dark trouble in silence.
After they debated each other for a short time, Dark trouble explained the decision.
“The penalty for this crime is to hang the suspect right here.” Dark trouble stands up from his chair and reaches for the rope which is hidden on top of the ladder. He ties the rope to the ladder.
Hunchbacked takes two wooden cases from under the ladder stacks them top of each other other under the hanging rope.
Commander Mevlut and Hunchbacked hold the prisoner’s arms and move him to the top of the wooden cases. They put the rope around the prisoner’s neck.
Dark trouble takes a knife, goes up the ladder and waits there.
… And guard Mevlut kicks the wooden case.
The Prisoner is hangs from the rope, turning from side to side.
His face is getting dark, his eyes are getting bigger…
Just before the prisoner dies, Commander Mevlut gives a sign to Dark trouble to cut rope.
The Prisoner falls down like a bag of bones.
After a moment he comes to.
Hunchbacked and Dark trouble drag the prisoner to his cell.
They bring down another one…
They also take Adem to his cell.

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1954 te Bingöl' de doğdu. Öğretmen okulundan mezun oldu. Siyasi nedenlerle on bir yıl hapis yattı. Gazeteci ve yazar. Yayınlanmış 10 Kitabı var. Siyasi mülteci olarak Almanya'da yaşıyor.

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