Sing That Song


The time was late evening,
Commander Mevlut and his men take him from his cell…
They took him to the 36th ward’s small cell.
They stood at attention; Hunchbacked, Dark trouble and Akin surround him.
Commander Mevlut got in front of him.
“We want to talk to you”
Than he adds:
“You saw all the wards.”
“Yes I saw sir.”
“There is only one ward you didn’t see”
“Yes, I know sir.”
“You don’t need to see that.
Ferocious ones stay there.
They will be taken care of soon.”
Now tell me which ward do you want to go to?”
Adem with a confident manner says:
“The one which they will be taken care of soon”
Commander Mevlut hesitates
“Really” he said and all other commanders start hitting him with sticks.
Commander Mevlut starts to hit him too.
They take him to the ward of the Ferocious under sticks.
There is only him and quiet walls.
After closing the cell door behind him all executioners leave.
They close all the front doors too with a big slam.
Silence comes to the wards.
He cannot stop himself and he screams
Why, how he did it, he didn’t know, either.
Maybe he was scared from the voice of silence and he screamed while running after his fear
Maybe he wanted to tell everything he saw and everything he lived through to a power that lives in sky.
Maybe he was helpless and looking for help in the sky.
He screamed until he lost his voice.


Here is the management of the Diyarbekir wards.
A large room on the second floor.
A long table in ash color, twelve chairs in brown with steel legs.
There are posters of Ataturk and junta leader Kenan Evrens in their soldier berets on walls and between windows.
Six windows illuminate the room.
There are six second lieutenants, manager of the cell blocks, waiting at attention.
Their chief lieutenant Ali Osman Aydin checks his six soldiers…
One of the second lieutenants is 6ft. 5in. tall; he is plumb, with blue eyes, and red cheeks.
His boss Esat Oktay calls him “little second lieutenant”
No body knows his real name.
His torture friends call him “Building Sami”
People know chief lieutenant Ali Osman was from Malatya
He is around 35, around 6ft. slim and thin
Scheming and happy to be torturing.
The person who is famous, know as Lieutenant Hump
With his small eyes and inferiority complex
He leaves a mark in men’s minds.
Other lieutenants aren’t seen around much.
They give directions, command from the corridor.
They are present here because of a command of their boss who will soon appear through that door.
The door is opened. A man appears at the door who is around his 40’s, middle height, brown-haired, blue beret on his head, dressed in a soldier uniform and a long rain coat despite the fact that its summer out; dark circles under his eyes, beetle browed; making fun of everything, who sees himself as God, who pretends when he is around his soldiers, who carries the rank of captain on his shoulder, and holds his dog Co’s rope in his hands.
As soon as he comes in “Hi children”. He releases his dog’s rope. And Co goes next to a soldier like he is one of them and starts to listen to his boss as well.
He walks quickly to the middle of the room.
He makes a sharp turn.
“What is happening here” he asks.
Nobody answers. Everybody looks at him carefully.
He gets in front of the big lieutenant, looks him in the eyes.
“Is everything all right” He asks.
Little lieutenant:
“Sir, ward 35 is….”
“What am I speaking here?”
“Listen to me! I am here with a command from the General of Staff
I am Esat Oktay Yildiran
I am a person who killed a Greek child and drank his blood in front of his father….”
Little lieutenant:
“But sir, there is a movement in the 35th ward….”
“Shut up and listen to me!
Nobody will move!
You will stop the movement.
You will use my method
The Chinese method, the Russian method, if those are not enough
You will use the Turkish method!
If they give a headache to the government, you will finish them!
You will finish them, finish them, do you understand….”
Than he turns to the Little lieutenant
He lowers his voice:
“Well, do you know what finishing means?”
Little lieutenant:
“I am listening sir!”
Esat puts his forefinger to his temple:
“This is the head, the head. What is in the head?”
Little lieutenant:
“The brain, Sir”
So there is a brain in the head?
And everything is in the head
As long as those guys have a brain
The government is in danger
For the sake of the government’s life you need to destroy the brain”
Littel lieutenant:
“But sir, how we are going to do that?”
He thinks for a while, paces up and down and stands in front of the small lieutenant:
“What is in brain?”
Littel lieutenant:
“Thoughts. Sir!”
“Nice, so there are thoughts in the brain than? Good!
Well, is a brain useful without thought?”
Little lieutenants:
“No Sir”
“Did you understand now what making brainless means?”
Littel lieutenant:
“Yes Sir but how we are going to do that?”
“You said you understood but you didn’t!
Listen to meee!
Everyone will puke his brain to paper
And you will bring those papers to me!
Do you understand what I mean?”
Little lieutenant:
“What if they don’t puke?”
“What do you mean if they don’t puke?
If they don’t puke break their bones!
Break their head into pieces!
Put them on one another and make a tower!
Put tuberculosis microbes into their lungs!
Use water, air, bread, and sun as a weapons!
From now on their meal is shit and their beverage is urine!”
Little lieutenant:
“Yes Sir!”

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Selim Çürükkaya

1954 te Bingöl' de doğdu. Öğretmen okulundan mezun oldu. Siyasi nedenlerle on bir yıl hapis yattı. Gazeteci ve yazar. Yayınlanmış 10 Kitabı var. Siyasi mülteci olarak Almanya'da yaşıyor.

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