Sing That Song

– 12 –

They took him to the airing area of the sixth cell section.
This area is almost 50 square meters.
He raised his head up and saw only the blue skies.
Accros from him, he saw a turkish flag in the middle of the window.
He looked around him every thing was concrete and the sun beating on him.
There were prisoners-with crue hair cut and bare feet-kneeling and waiting.
As though they were waiting for him to start the movie. The silence had pervaded the area. The man knew that the hell is going to break soon.
The commandos-like the thieves in Allaadin story– entered the airing area with buckets full of oil and truncheons in their hands.
He understood that they will suffer very shortly.
One of the commandos called to the first in the row “you SOB, come in the middle of the cell!”
A tall prisoner came in the middle of the area.
On the command, he took off his pants and under pants.
His hands were on his knee and he knelt down.
The commandos put the truncheon into the bucket full of oil.
All other prisoners stood up and had turn their faces against the wall.
The commando inserted the oily thruncheon into annus of the prisoner who had knelt.
The screams of the prisoner went beyond the airing area.
The commando soldier had became a wild animal amid the screams of the prisoner while pushing back and forth the thruncheon into the annus of the prisoner and yelling the names of the Turkish porno stars: “This is for Ahu Tugba and this is for Zerrin Egeliler.
The commando asked the prisoner stand up and he told the other prisoners to “turn around” to see the sadomizing act.
The commando asked the prisoners: “Do you know what this is?”
No one answered and they felt the pain in themselves and bowed their heads.
The commonda showed the sadomizing act and wanted an answer. “We do not know, Sir!” said the prisoners.
“Look you SOBs, this is a Kurd with the tail.” Said the commando.
The tall and sadomized prisoner was sent bact into the rest and the commondo grabed another prisoner at his neck and pulled in the middle of the area to repeat the act.
And they brought the man to another cell section.

– 13-

Upon hearing the command “March toward the fourth cell section!” the man walked like a soldier again.
He thought about the tortures in the fourth cell section and continued marching.
Even though he walked proudly, his mind was full of thoughts.
“you are going to meet prisoners with TB” said SergeantEulogist and pushed him.
He heard caughing sounds when they opened the door.
When entered the room, he could not see any body because of the smoke in the cell.
He rubbed his eyes, started getting used to being the dark room and saw some shilutes. After a while he saw that every TB patient had four cigarretts between two fingers wating to lit.
On the command of the soldier, everyone lit the cigarrettes and began to inhale.
Again on the command of the soldier, the prisoners raise their cigarrettes and start inhaling at the same time.
“inhaaaale, exhaaaaaale! inhaaaale, exhaaaaaale!” commands lead to a smoke sea in the cell.
The prisoners who could not stand the smoke and started to put out the cigarrettes on themselves with cigarretts started crying. The commandos grabbed them and pulled out of the room.

– 14 –

They took the man away from the fourth cell section and led him toward cell sections 7 and 8.
He was in shock and asked himself “What is this?
Every prisoner was standing with a bowl on one hand and a spoon on the other.
“Thank God! They give food here” thought the man.
The prisoners looked hoplessly at this gullible man.
At this moment, the commandos attacked the airing cell sections.
They grabbed four prisoners by the arm and took them to the septic hole. They ordered the four prisoners to lift the concrete lid of the septic hole and put excreement on the plates.
These four prisoners excuted the order and put exreement on the plates.
The other prisoners-sitting- were waiting for the order.
“Start eating you dogs” said commando Akin. Hanch back yelled “come on you SOBs, eat it quickly and the last number is going to be 3.”
Within three minutes, the prisoners gulp down the excreement on the plates. The ones who could not finished in that time will have to choose the kind of torture they prefer.
….And the commandos continued to show the man the cell rooms of Dante’s Inferno.

– 15 –

The new place he enters is the yard for the 9th and 10th ward.
A hum is rising from the crowd..
The eyes of the seated prisoners are full of tears.
The hum is cut as the commanders’ approach.
All the eyes turn to Adem.
Adem looks carefully. There is a dry piece of bread in each prisoner’s hand.
He is happy, because he sees something ordinary.
His thoughts change suddenly after Akin’s command; “Spread cream on the bread “.
The detergent cream box is passed from prisoner to prisoner until nothing is left.
Everyone who has taken detergent cream spreads it on their bread.
Then they are given a glass full of detergent.

– 16 –

Adem is inside the yard of the11th and 12th wards.
The weather is hot again.
All the prisoners are held naked from the waist down.
Obviously, they are waiting for a daily routine.
One team of soldiers: “Attention! Are you ready assholes?”
Sounds “yes sir”.
“Everybody hold a cigar with your hands! You ass givers”
All the hands reach for a cigar and wait carefully for the next command.
“First command, light cigars”
All the prisoners light a cigar.
“Second command, attatch the cigar’s filter to anus”
Cigars are attached to anus’
“Third Command, bend! Hold your hands on your knees, and walk”
When he sees people smoking cigars with their anus, he believes that what he sees is a dream.

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