Sing That Song

– 4 –

The commandos took the man to a cell which was known as the 36th ward.
The Diyarbakir E type cell section is a four floored structure.
There are ten cells, with a metal grid in front of them, on every floor.
Every cell is 5.5 meters square.
The cell consists of a concrete platform (stone seat), a toilet in the back, a sink area with two water foucets.
The ground floor is 40 metres long and 10 meters wide.
When the toilet pipes, linked to the sewer pipes, are clogged up, the sewage in the cell gets up to your knees.
Everything in the cell is of iron or concrete.
When the smell of urine in this room (which was described to him as having a bath) burned his nostrils, the new comer was thinking about the difference between the nice behavior of the captain and the harshness of the concrete blocks, and was taken aback by the calls for war “Allaaah!…Allaaah!”
When the call for the war faded away, the commandos came in with clubs in their hands.
“You SOB! You haven’t taken off your clothes yet!” Yelled one them.
The new commer was surprised and gazed at the commandos.
“My name is Akin” said the fat blond one.
“Mine is Hunch Back” (hanch back), said the thin one.
“My name is Dark Catasrophe” said the tall one.
“My name is Mevlut” said Sargeant. I say euligies for you and your descendants. ….And then “rub him with a wash cloth” started.
The new commer’s screams even shook the heavan after being beaten with beams and he collapsed immedieatly.
The Dark Trouble and Hunchback grabbed the new commer’s (who was half consious) feet and dragged him into sewage as though he were swimming in it.
Akin walked over the back of the new commer who was laying in the sewage.
With their commando boots they pushed his head into the sewage.
The new commer was screaming and begging desperately.
But no one hears him.
If he faints he will be left alone. If not they continue to play the movie.
All the commandos who beat the new commer played different roles of movie characters: Akin played the karate role, Dark Trouble played the role of a Samurai; and sargent Mevlut (Eulogist) played Cuneyt Arkin*
(make footnote)(Turkish actor who played in karate movies etc.)
Then Adem has become a beating double in the Number 5 E type prison of Diyarbakir for these commandos.
Adem, who was beaten to unconscienciousnes was dragged into the first cell of the 36th Ward Adem was covered in blood and sewage, and he fell into a deep sleep on the concrete floor.

– 5 –

Adem in a total shambles sees the same team in front of him the next day.
SergeantMevlut, the leader, of the team:
“Hey you! Faggot. Haven’t you died yet”
The man jumps on his feet and stands at attention.
And he starts shaking.
Sergeant Mevlut:
“Did you eat breakfast, asshole?”
The man said “NO” in a mumbling voice.
The man was then taken into a small room next to his cell.
There was a dead mouse in the middle of the room.
Sergeant Mevlut gives the attention command to Adem.
Adem snaps to attention.
Akin, Dark Trouble and Hunchback surrounded the man.
Dark Trouble: “Did you ever eat any mouse boy?”
Adem understood what they were about to do to him.
The man’s stomach started to churn, he recoiled in pain not knowing what to do.
He fell down as he was beaten.
He knew that he had to eat the mouse to escape the torture.
He closed his eyes and put the mouse in his hand.
Opened his mouth widely and stuffed the whole mouse into his mouth.
When he started to chew on the mouse, he vomitted and the dead mouse fell out of his mouth.
“Continue,” said Sergeant Mevelut.
Dark Trouble started bludgeoning the man and Hunchback kicked his groin.
Adem, in a cold sweat, eventually swallows the mouse
The commandos make him the clean the floor by having him lick his own vomit.
They brought him back into his cell in the 36th Ward.
He sits on the concrete and thinks of the night when he was arrested.

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