Sing That Song

– 17 –

Adem said “My lord”
“Where am I!?”
Which level of hell am I in?
My lord! If this is a hell, how could you be so cruel? But if this is Number 5 E Class Diyarbakir Prison, how can you allow all this cruelty, or is this all a dream that I’m in.

He was thinking “Maybe I ‘ve lost my senses and this is just a dream”. While he was still thinking what this was about, before he could decide, his feet and the commanders surrounding him bring him to his next destination, the yard of the 13th and 14th wards. In here, all the prisoners have been prepared to show their talent for the next kind of torture.He might need a thousand witnesses to prove that those he saw were prisoners. They were more like creatures turned into skeletons. These skeleton creatures will show him their talents in a moment.

If the Commander says “die” they must act like a dead man, if he says “live” they must return to life.
The name of game is “Die-Live”
Adem was confused about the people surrounding him, are they human or devils? At that moment devil Commander Akin gives his order:
“Make a circle!”
The Prisoners make a circle immediately.
“You, the short one! Go to the center of the circle”
The short prisoner goes to the center of the ring and waits carefully.
“When I say die, you will collapse like log, do you understand? Bastard”
The prisoner shouts: “yes sir”.
The Prisoner collapses like a log on the floor.
The Prisoner collects himself and stands up, carefully waits for next command.
“The Die -Live” game will be continued until no prisoner left.
They took Adem away.

– 18 –

Adem was taken into a corridor.
And the screams of the tortured come to his ears.
Adem was hearing screams of pain, and sometimes military anthems.
The sound of begging mixes with these military anthems, and screaming.
He sees some movement at the entrance of the 15th and 16th wards.
Prisoners are taken to the yard, at the same time; they are beaten with logs and kicks.
Eventually they took him to the yard.
After he entered the room, he saw prisoners completely naked.
All of them were very weak.
They reminded him of ghosts with their skull like faces and sunken eyes.
He was curios about the kinds of torture in this level of hell.
A soldier gives order “Assholes! Line up”
Naked prisoners are arranged in a row.
“First Asshole, lie down on your back”
The first prisoner lies down stiffly on his back.
“Second asshole; stand over the man lying down”.
“Grab his penis and balls with two hands”
The second prisoner did what he was told to do.
“Weigh and report his weight, mother fucker!”
The prisoner, who holds his friend’s penis and balls, measured his weight by lifting him into the air, and shouts:
“The person I measured is Ali Kaya, born in Mardin. He is 50 kilo grams and he is ready for your commands”.
The men switch positions.
One person’s feet are on the ground, the other’s body is in the air. The scale and the weight are both human beings.
Dozens of prisoners were in line for this.
He was the witness.
There were human beings, but there were no humanity.

– 19 –

The ward he entered was clean.
The eyes of the prisoners were uneasy, their expressions were resigned.
As soon as they saw him and the devils they made three lines.
They started counting from 1 to 33.
After the counting was over, they waited for commands.
Ward Commander Jilet: “Put trash cans in the middle of the ward!”
One prisoner went to the toilet in a hurry and returned with a trash can in his hand.
Because of his tin, razor blade face, people call him Jilet.
He screamed; “Dump trash”.
After his command, trash was on the floor.
“At ease! Attention!”
Prisoners obey the command with shaking hands and legs.
Jilet commands: “All the trash must be eaten! By three!”, and he starts counting one….
With an unbelievable rush, prisoners eat all the trash. When Jilet says “three!” the floor is clean as a mirror.
Then they took Adem out of the 17th ward with beating and kicks.

– 20 –

Adem is alone in the19th ward.
Today the hell is quiet.
There is a dead silence in all wards.
Devils are not around……
They threw him to yard with kicks.
They didn’t go inside.
May be the torturing Commander would teach them his “new techniques”.
He said to himself “maybe you are not around right now, but I know for sure, you will start using the “new techniques” you learned from your commander Esat in all the wards and you will make it like a hell and you will kill the silence.
You will add new pages to your cruel book!
“You will scare people to escape from your own fears.” While he was talking to himself the door opened.
Devils entered to yard with laughter.
Commander Mevlut was in front, holding the legs of a green frog and shaking it; four commanders next to him were looking at the frog and smacking their lips.
Commander Mevlut screaming:
“Be ready for fresh air! You mother fuckers!”
The sound of the iron door mixes with the sound of keys.

Prisoners immediately run to the yard.
A tall, fat, and red faced guard of the19th ward named Cellat , holds his unstable pants with one hand and gets in front of the prisoners:
“At ease! Attention!”
He gives orders: “Lie down! Stand up! Attention!”.
They obey all of his commands.
Then they line up at the wall.
At the same time Commander Mevlut is walks to the center of yard.
He rises up the small green frog, which he holds by its legs, and screams:
He says; “this frog you see will be swallowed”
He adds; “But that’s not all…… the swallowed frog will be puked up again”.
“Do not forget, there is one more condition!”
“The frog can not faint in your stomach, whoever makes the frog faint, will give me his ass”.
One by one a live frog is swallowed by the prisoners.
Then they puked up the frog alive again.
If frog faints in a prisoner’s stomach, he will be punished.
Those who don’t make the frog faint, celebrate their victory.
Adem continues his travels.

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